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Vizbi: Bringing self-service BI with power of Python/R/SQL to every data analysts


The amount of data being generated is increasing every day. It is estimated that we are generating 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data, every day. This is sufficient to fill 10 Million blu-ray disks every day!

Just collecting that data is not sufficient. This data needs to be analyzed to get value out of the data. There are many tools which claim to do this, but getting value out of data remains hard, mostly due to the number of different tools involved in data preparation to data cleanup to data analysis.

Vizbi seeks to simplify this by providing Python, SQL and R inside one single platform. Vizbi seeks to bring the ease of Tableau, along with power of Python/R/SQL. This cuts the time involved in data preparation.

As a fully cloud based solution, there is nothing to install with Vizbi. Vizbi can connect to existing data sources, and it allows uploading csv and xls. It allows using SQL, R and Python during both data preparation and data analysis modes. Previous generation tools such a Tableau and Cognos require the desktop application even to do web publishing, so Vizbi has a major advantage here.

Gartner estimates that the revenue of the BI and analytics vendors was $16.9 Billion in 2016. The biggest trend in BI and data analytics is the movement to self-service models. The two most common tools used by data scientists are Python and R. Vizbi seeks to capitalize on this. It seeks to provide more features and ease of use than the market leading BI tools, such a Tableau and PowerBI.


Here are some example visualizations built with Vizbi.


Vizbi has a 30-day free trial. For readers of startupsmeet we are increasing the trial period to 90 days. After signing up please email hello@vizbi.com, and mention that you are a startupsmeet reader, and we will increase your trial period.