Amicus Shopping Assistant- An Online Tool To Avoid Consumer Complaints

Amicus Shopping Assistant- An Online Tool To Avoid Consumer Complaints


Amicus is a prescient information examination organization found and working from Startup Tunnel in Vihara Innovation grounds, New-Delhi. with the single goal of giving genuine and bona fide input and upgrade the buyer shopping background by letting you know the best quality item as well as gives the hit to buy from. Regardless of the fact that you are setting out to somewhere say USA this site won’t just give all of you the options however the best ones taking into account past clients’ experience.

The principle idea of the organization is to highlight the REAL COST and not simply the M.R.P (Maximum Retail Price) of the item. Assume we buy a cell phone and it doesn’t give the normal battery reinforcement. Presently we would need to go out for a force bank which inevitably means the expense. Likewise if the telephone separates and you go to the administration focus and however the telephone is under guarantee and they won’t not charge anything to you, but rather they’ll keep your telephone with them for 10-15 days which in the long run is a cost that you’re paying.

Expense and Specifications, however Mr. Nishchal shouts that there are 42 more elements on which their choice ought to rely on. Considers every one of those 42 variables on which the buy relies on and recommend the best out of it.