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Goodbox Enterprises Messenger Developed By Ex-Redbus EmployeesIs All Set To Hit the Market


Whether it is milk for your morning tea or only a nibble when yearning strikes, we’ve all got our go-to stores now and again of need. What’s more, these in all probability will be your neighborhood stores. Envision you come up short on milk and all you’ve to do is send the store proprietor a message, pay him through the same administration and you’ve the milk conveyed? What’s more, this isn’t only for that drain; it could be a customized cake store you’re searching for or perishables or day by day needs. Goodbox means to do only this. It is a portable application that permits customers to purchase from various organizations over the application and permits organizations to offer to their shoppers over the application.

“We saw that numerous organizations need to offer on the application in light of the fact that that is the place the clients are moving to, yet there’s no simple path for them to make their very own application and they know purchasers won’t download different applications for various needs,” says Mayank Bidawatka, who as of late joined Goodbox as one of the fellow benefactors. Mayank has been a piece of the redBus center group furthermore Co-established the Media Ant, he has been a blessed messenger financial specialist.

Basically, Goodbox gives an application vicinity to organizations. “We needed to make the most straightforward conceivable stage for these SMEs that they can use to connect with their investors and permit them to purchase on the application,” says Mayank.

The application was conceptualized not long ago by Abey Zachariah, who was a piece of the redBus center group with Mayank, Nithin Chandra, Mohit Maheshwari  Anand Kalaginamani, Mahesh Herle and Charan Raj. While Mayank was supporting the group before on, he joined in as fellow benefactor just when he was persuaded of the issue they were attempting to unravel.