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Amusing and Engaging Video video games by means of Avakai Video video games

Amusing and Engaging Video video games by means of Avakai Video video games

Who are they? An Indie game studio, Avakai Video  games – Hyderabad based game developer company used to be as soon as primarily based in 2011, with an purpose to create amusing and attractive video video games for the iOS and Android techniques. They boast to be quite a few more youthful creatives and kick-ass programmers.

What do they do?

Avakai Video video games offer game construction products and services and merchandise for the iPhone, iPad, Android and the Web. You wish to have to hire them for interface format, 2D and 3-D asset construction products and services and merchandise. They have got built video video games during slightly a large number of genres ranging from adventure, sports activities actions, puzzle, movement, coaching, racing and method.

Video video games Video video games Video video games!

While you like flappy chicken, you will have to play the “The little plane” on the other hand now not like the aggravating flappy chicken  this game is really lovable and fascinating. You’ll be able to knowledge the little plane, earn gas, and be wary of the houses and the not-so-delightful birds.

Car Johnny! Positive, that can be you, if you are playing this amusing racing game. The game gives an out of this world 3-d revel in of driving an car inside the crazy Hyderabad web site guests. So force the interesting car during Charminar and win the race!

Do you know roughly SMO?

Understand that participating in air hockey with a circle of relatives member? Get the identical revel in of speed and thrill now on your phone. SMO is a player game inspired from air hockey. It captures the joys of being on your feet to strike the % off. Not merely that, it is retina in a position, not unusual and is available in multiple subjects for iphone, ipad and ipod touch.

SMO : Smashing all the way through the point of view of difficult designs!

SMO, introduced on 16th April, 2014,  is not like any other air hockey game on the App Store. It is the minimalist format that attracted me necessarily probably the most. It is the quirky set of rules that make the game distinctive. It is easy to make a choice up then again you need to polish your talents to take hold of it. It is difficult in relation to attention so it is a will have to to agree that it has the easiest device for addiction. Check out your reflexes and take pleasure in the straightforward however exhilarating game to zap your combatants off the arcade!

We would like Avakai video video games all the highest and want to see additional Avakai created video video games in the future.

SMO is available unfastened on App Store, click here

Understand additional roughly Avakai video video games, click here

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