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MyFirstCampus : India’s First Startup process Portal

MyFirstCampus : India’s First Startup process Portal

The startup surroundings is emerging in India at an outstanding worth, and time and time another time, the number one drawback that almost all startup founders face is not roughly raising money, final gives, doing product sales or finding partners. It’s hiring other folks. What’s incredible is that this has been the case for a lot of, a couple of years.

With the emergence of Angel consumers, Enterprise Capitalist, Incubators and Accelerators the strategies by which we stock financing and looking for mentoring have changed such a lot inside the up to the moment years. On the other hand startup recruiting hasn’t changed the least bit. Could also be because of startup CEOs and founders are in most cases very inexperienced at recruiting and hiring folks, moreover it seems that we’ve now under no circumstances heard of any startup founder with an HR historical past.

To get to the bottom of this problem, MyFirstCampus has carried out lot of basis and have come with vanguard startup specific procedure portal that not most simple guarantees most sensible showing candidates however as well as promises startups close their open positions with in as low as 7 days.

Just about whole startups recruitment problem boils proper right down to various of the ones

Lack of emblem: Startups lack logo value so aren’t in a position to attract brighter talent.
Bad-Hires: There is a essential lack of top of the range how you’ll be able to check candidate top of the range.
Time and Try: It takes a considerable amount of time to close a couple of positions.
Worth: Online massive procedure portals finally end up to be very pricey and provides so much much less Return on Investment.

Relying on resumes yields results that are similar to a coin toss; that can be 50-in line with-cent “mis-hire” rate. Now this so much most sensible price can actually sink your startup. This served as the incentive for MyFirstCampus to come up with a method that allows employers to shortlist candidates consistent with additional clinical means somewhat than resumes. This paved path for the use of Products Response Concept (IRT) based Adaptive Exams to make sure the candidates. Their idea used to be as soon as extraordinarily appreciated and SAP took them in their SAP Startup Focus Accelerator. Being part of the incubation software has helped them such a lot, as they got get admission to to some of the highest apparatus, technologies and revel in to build the MyFirstCampus Adaptive Checks.

MyFirstCampus will be enterprise pan India based assessment tests using this era and then profiling candidates on their talents and talents consistent with the their score won in this test.

The startups can list their procedure openings on the MyFirstCampus Activity Portal and the assessed candidates look at against those activity posts. Since the candidates are already assessed and profiled, Startups can in no time switch into interviewing and subsequently can they may be able to effectively close their open positions with as low as a week. And as the candidates are assessed using adaptive exams this will provide an equi- precision level of their skills. This would certainly scale back the danger of bad-hire to just about zero.

MyFirstCampus task portal is actually simple and to engage with, the simple navigation clubbed with great individual-interface provides a very good enjoy. Candidates analysis score, coaching details, social profiles, projects, contact details all aggregated wisdom can be found out at one place. The nice dashboard captures and display discriminating knowledge to allow rapid selection making for startups.

Talking roughly MyFirstCampus Vijay Sharma (Founder) says,

“Even as your Startup starts emerging you’re now not merely an entrepreneur, you become an company. And subsequently hiring top-potency body of workers should come at the so much smart of the record relating to excitement and importance. The folks you bring in on your startup form the basis that can make or vacation your enterprise enterprise.”

Vijay Sharma further introduced that “With MyFirstCampus we are providing the Startups the kind of checks that’s traditionally been most effective to be had to only one of the crucial essential massive companies. The adaptive exams primarily based utterly profiling is on a regular five cases upper than using typical methods.”

In recent years MyFirstCampus already have 7 startups on board and they are launching temporarily starting from Bangalore. As a pre-free up offer they are providing all of the Startups a 2 month Loose Trial.

So if have always been looking for the most efficient process portal for your startup talk over with their internet web page and Request the Unfastened Trial at MyFirstCampus.com

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