Home Startups MyLifeZy – India’s First Social App Marketplace

MyLifeZy – India’s First Social App Marketplace

MyLifeZy – India’s First Social App Marketplace

To create international’s first social app marketplace platform in hybrid cloud environment using reverse generation with a vision to mass produce vanguard programs in a few domains affordable and quite priced to one and all, to make India  a manufacturing  united states from an outsourcing usa Viraat Kothare and Chatur Kothare started MyLifeZy in September which has grown particularly in in advance few months.

The story behind the startup is herbal because of the fact that quite a lot of of knowledge, tactics and information is scattered, and now not in a position to complete so much artwork in so much much less period of time because of moderately a large number of issues not streamlined and also the truth flexibility right through various techniques and tool’s is absent as a result of monopoly of few systems as a result of which wisdom continues to be inconsistent all the time, therefore Viraat and Chatur made up our minds to create a not unusual platform, during which all apps can also be complex in a single not unusual platform, which moreover have interaction with 3rd birthday celebration apps and systems and have the same opinion assemble particular apps to meet specific tasks at ease.

The portal has in recent years 5 Apps;

Estore App: Create your own virtual store

Profile App: Create your virtual profile internet web page

Subscription: Gain various most sensible price products and services of our app and as well as running on consumers to create their own subscription programs

Testimonials: Firms can maintain and market it their various testimonials through multimedia solutions.

Venue Booking: Blow their own horns and care for bookings for your company venue

MyLifeZy is predicated primarily on subscription freemium based & rate based for source of revenue generation. The company is taking a look to extend their profits taste through selling, referral, affiliate, reseller, 3rd birthday party integrations, app construction services and so forth.

The company has gained 26 accolades, accreditations all through their temporary span of the journey. A couple of of which incorporates;

  • Semi Finalists of Digital Catalyst fund Bucharest, Romania.
  • Made up our minds on in IBM Global Entrepreneurship Software
  • Made up our minds on for Comfy layer Catalyst Device, Dallas Texas
  • Among highest 10 in Holiday spot India 2012 Journey, Mumbai, India.