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You will take care of – “PlanMyDay” will micromanage…

You will take care of – “PlanMyDay” will micromanage…

Had a prolonged tiring week? Want you had additional hours in a day? Need you had a serving handy on your mundane tasks so to unfastened yourself to be aware of additional essential tasks, along side taking that so much sought after vacation? Very good knowledge! PlanMyDay, a Hyderabad based Startup can get to the bottom of your problems. This company offers you a “Some distance off Assistant” who will percentage your workload and do tasks for your behalf.

How it works
Whilst you get registered with PlanMyDay and gives a temporary description in regards to the nature of work that you wish to have lend a hand with, you will be assigned a Some distance flung Assistant (RA). Seated miles transparent of you, RA will take instructions from you and artwork on your tasks. Your RA will do any artwork that can be carried out over e mail, phone or the internet. Moreover they will provide you with an on-field staff who help you in running errands where physically presence is sought after.

They have a strong IT fortify for front end executives to make sure top productivity and efficiency. To make sure transparency, they will provide you with a shopper login portal, where you’ll be able to check the status of your delegated tasks and maintain your calendar. You’ll be able to check in for per 30 days plans, and price process is trouble loose as It can be carried out online by the use of credit card, debit card, web banking or cash enjoying playing cards.

What can a A long way flung Assistant do?
At PlanMyDay, your RA can deal with nearly any process, be it professional or personal. They can have the same opinion with not merely your run-of-the-mill tasks like, coping with wake-up calls for you however moreover in organizing birthday occasions, scheduling conference calls and so forth.

Why would possibly you use it?
With the exception of for the fact that hiring a RA will save you costs and tools, your RA may also have the following characteristics:

  • Unswerving
  • Dependable
  • Proactive

Aside from supplying you with an international magnificence RA, PlanMyDay moreover guarantees confidentiality and continuity. In their words “All your knowledge that our executives maintain is guarded by the use of them. And in case, you prevent, your knowledge is deleted utterly. In case your RA is on leave or quits, a choice will take over briefly. And ultimate then again now not the least, while you believe that your RA will artwork from PlanMyDay’s place of business, you don’t want to to seek out any workplace space to deal with your assistant.”

So, if you are impressed with the theory of getting a RA, you are able to test in here.
Or you’ll be able to moreover identify at +9140 4966 9696 or mail at register@planmyday.in.
It’s time to prevent feeling crushed along side your workload. Be additional efficient and less stressed out. Get a smart Far flung Assistant.


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