Home Funding TravelKhana –The Train Food Service Funded By Astarc Ventures

TravelKhana –The Train Food Service Funded By Astarc Ventures


TravelKhana, the startup that provides good food from chosen eateries to your train seats have brought an undisclosed sum of funding from Astarc Ventures.
Salil Musale, Promoter of Astarc Ventures says, “Organizations based on fundamental needs of life are zones of high enthusiasm to us: food, health, housing and health. Of these, Food is the most fundamental and all the more so you truly feel the torment when you are in a train and don’t get great sustenance to eat. TravelKhana has made a fantastic showing in getting the introductory footing and getting a decent living up to expectations model. Right now is an ideal opportunity to scale this answer for achieving much bigger gathering of people, and we are upbeat to bolster them in their voyage. We like the profound torment point that this organization is tackling for an extensive number of white collar class travelers, the business visionary’s determination, versatile plan of action, and the present energy.”
Indian Railways is the biggest traveler transport network in the nation. The fundamental need of good quality nourishment at moderate costs is still a dream when one goes via train. Travelkhana is building a “Virtual QSR” models on its commercial center with solid quality procedures for the eateries on its commercial center such that it can scale to transports and interstates in this manner situating itself as an unmistakable pioneer in the Food for Travel commercial center model. This model will, in the long run, be relevant to in the city commercial center too.
Established by Pushpinder Singh, TravelKhana a Delhi-based organization is the business sector pioneer in the nourishment progressing conveyance fragment. Holy messenger supported beforehand by financial specialists like Rajan Anandan, Alok Mittal, and Sarbvir Singh, the organization has scaled up operations crosswise over 160 urban areas in India, and is serving most long separation trains in the nation. Its incomes for FY14-15 remained at 1 Crore. The Delhi-based organization will utilize stores to extend to 400 stations from 150 by the end of 2016 and additionally enhance back-end innovation. Presently, it serves 3,000 travelers a day.