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Hyderabad based startup Stockroom.io raises funding

Hyderabad based startup Stockroom.io raises funding
Stockroom.io Team

What does a company get out of an applicant’s resume? Only what the applicant wishes to display – his education, experience and basic interests. But what about his actual talents or expertise? What about his soft skills and his personality? Stockroom.io discovered that this was the major problem that created skill gap in the market of job seekers and job offerors. They understood that there was no place in the resume to display the talents of the individual. Taking into consideration this problem, Stockroom.io was born.

This unique startup, went live four months back in May 2015 on product hunt and emerged as one of the top most voted product. Stockroom.io helps web developers create their portfolio with just a click using Github signup. The platform currently supports Github, Stackoverflow and Bitbucket integrations and is planning to launch integrations with other social profiles soon.

After proper analysis and deep understanding of the firm’s growth plans and their strategies, yesterday on 7th October 2015 an undisclosed angel investor decided to invest in their firm and that is when Stockroom.in came up with this awesome news that their firm raises seed fund of $70,000 from an undisclosed angel investor.

About Stockroom.io (Stellar Software Technologies Pvt Ltd)

“A person is much more than a paper of resume. The only details which Resumes give the employer are education and work experience details. We believe a person’s skill set matters more than anything. We at stockroom want replace the main stream resumes with our data driven portfolio which actually validates an individual’s skill set. “Says the team of Stockroom.io

So far Stockroom.io has 10,000+ registered users in less than a couple of months. Stockroom has recently launched a new product called Hatch which allows companies host

Offline hackathons
Online Challenges
Contests in order to help them find the right talent
All the hackathons as well as online challenges are curated and are by invite only. The team also give a detailed report and rating on every candidate participating in a particular challenge to the companies which would help them to speed up the hiring and shortlisting process.

Stockroom.io has been founded by Naren Krishna (CEO) and Ashish Kumar Sahoo (CTO). Naren is an alumni of BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus and Ashish is an alumni of IIIT Bhubaneswar. Both of them got together and built stockroom in less than 48hrs as a part of weekend hackathon. Today they have grown from a duo team to a 6 member team. Puru Modani, a member of the ‘Mumbai angels screening committee’ and a seasoned angel investor is currently on the advisory board of this venture.

Future plans of Stockroom

With the seed fund that they have received, the team of Stockroom aims to expend their wings of operations and aim to disrupt the main stream hiring process with their growth plans.

Presently, they allow you (as a developer) to build your portfolio over their website just through few clicks. All you have to do is, register yourself, authenticate all details and once it’s all authorized by you, your profile is ready to go live and be shared with the public. At present they have over 5000+ developer profile and with the seed fund now in place, they wish to double that number by making the process more simple and user friendly.

We wish the team of Stockroom.io a hearty congratulations on the step ahead and wish them good luck for all their future endeavors.

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