Home Startup Story PiQube Gives Technology Makeover To Talent Identification

PiQube Gives Technology Makeover To Talent Identification


Talent hiring has turned into a bad dream for most business visionaries significantly encourage in front of raising financing. With any semblance of Flipkart, Myntra and other significant new businesses paying unrestrained compensations to youthful specialists, it gets to be troublesome each passing day to contract great quality ability for a medium estimated organization.

It appears like each organization in innovation area is attempting to contract for engineers, deals and advertising with awesome earnestness. Conversing with designers or deals fellows at great posts crosswise over different organizations in Bangalore, one understands that each one of them has various offers to consider at any given purpose of time. This makes it hard to locate the right fit with least spent for spotters.

Running ‘The Drone Network’, an enrollment firm for very nearly 5 years with 28 enlistment advisors, Jayadev Mahalingam used to experience the issue of value match making every day. Coordinating contender to combine with the sets of expectations organizations normally give isn’t that simple considering the different parts that have advanced in the late years. These procedures are getting harder step by step. Most HR advisors today are in difficulty if their endeavours would come full circle into a conclusion. Jayadev and his group weren’t exactly fulfilled by their endeavours and this made the group to turn their model. They began PiQube, a simple to utilize enrolling instrument for viably coordinating applicants over the web.