Life prior of starting up?

Prior to Priti International, They did many businesses like started factory of chemicals for textiles, started factory of Stone cutting, Making & selling washing powder, stock market business etc. But loose huge money in all of the business.

How did the idea of setting up your startup come about?

After loosing all the money in previous business, we were totally out Of money. so we have to think what should we do now. During those days we were having lot of waste material in our factory. Like old gunny bags, old drums of chemicals, etc. We have tried to sell those to collect some money for our bread and butter, but didn’t get good money, so we start thinking of making some items out of these waste items. And
this is how this project starts.

In a Nut shell, How does Priti International Work?

At PRiti International, we are designing & making various handmade products out of waste materials. We make lot of bags from old gunny bags, old military tents, old denim pants, etc, then we are also making furniture from waste tins, drums, old military jeeps, tractor parts, waste machine parts, etc. Lamps from waste lightings of scooter, motor cycle etc. All these products are then exported to various countries like China, USA, Europe, Australia etc. We are now countries biggest exporter of waste handicraft products and only exporter in INDIA to export to CHINA.

Planning on working and scaling your venture?

At present our current turnover is around $8million. And our customer base is around 36 countries . Our production facilities are spread over 3 large factories with around 400 people working for us. Our focus market is China where we find huge potential as There new generation is very much fond of buying our products for putting in Bars, Café’s, Pubs, Restaurants etc. We are planning to expand our production facility and scaling our Venture to $20 million by 2016.
Our Products are getting very popular in the developed countries due to there uniqueness. Moreover As I have wrote already that our main focus market at present is China,
where the consumption is Huge due to the new generation are having fresh money to spend on new products. Moreover as our target Market is Bars, restaurants, café’s, pubs etc, where people want unique products for decoration and also for furniture.
In regard with INDIA, there is huge potential for our products due to online shopping getting popular day by day. We are already in talk with several online retailers like Pepperfly,
Flipkart etc, showing interest in selling our Products online.
We have also started a retail showroom in Ningbo, china for selling our products in retail. This is just A test showroom, and response is very exciting. Now we are planning to
open 12 more showrooms around China, exclusive for our products.

Recently our success story of our unique products making has been filmed by Discovery Channel for there programme “ THE LIQUIDATORS”. They have made a whole episode on
our work and Our story to be telecaste in around 140 countries. This is a big landmark for us. Then we are in all the media around the globe. In India our success story is
published in almost all the magazines and news papers. Recently Zee TV, INDIA TV, New Nation, Sahara TV etc have shown our success story in there channel.

How is your Venture Funded?
At present are venture is self funded. We have no loans from any banks or any other financial Institution.

Who all are your core Team comprised of?

Our team is having mainly two people. With myself and my wife Priti. WE both have started this venture together and now she is looking after designing and creating
of products out of recycle fabrics.