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India’s First Networking Platform To Connect Mentor & Mentee


As human beings, we generally need somebody to guide us and be there to bolster our choices. Having a tutor while taking critical choices in life is constantly gainful. A coach is some individual who has genuine encounters and who has circumstance gaging forces.

Not everyone is fortunate to get the right coaches in and around them. To tackle this issue, Sunil Shetty, Prashanth Vishwanatha and Rajat Shahi thought of a firm, called AskMentor – an Internet stage to associate a Mentee with the right Professional Mentor.

Sunil Shetty, a resigned Indian armed force officer, a serial business person and financial specialist, had tutoring as his second nature. It was his thought to spread this administration of tutoring to individuals through web.

AskMentor is an Internet stage to interface a Mentee with the right Professional Mentor. The startup at present offers help with 21 changed fields including startup talks also. This site is perfect on all gadgets. In any case, concurring Prashanth Vishwanatha, Co-organizer and CTO, Askmentor, will soon be accessible for all Android/iOS/Windows applications clients.

“The thought for a coaching stage, that can connection tutors and mentees, was conceived while I was positioned in Afghanistan. My organization represented considerable authority in conferring specialized abilities and amid the 12 years in Afghanistan I was instrumental in skilling more than 2,000 Afghanistan security powers. “Says Mr. Sunil.

Along these lines, on the off chance that you appear to be lost and are not ready to take one right choice, you are only a tick away. All you now need to do is login to AskMentor.com and meet the right coach who will direct you.