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An Irish Entrepreneur Enters Into Indian Market With Ikka Dukka


Irish brought up Enda Noone met his Indian fellow benefactor Nilisha Kohli while they were both doing their bosses in Dublin in the mid 2000s. They reinforced over their adoration for new businesses, yet did not consider getting to be business visionaries themselves till one game changing Christmas morning. “Following a to a great degree disappointing day of Christmas shopping on a cold and wet Irish December night, Nilisha and I went to a pleasant comfortable Dublin bar for a beverage to whine about how there was nothing unique in the shops to purchase for Christmas presents. We both dependably had affection for intriguing plans and quality items in design and insides, so we thought about whether we made items we cherished, would there be others like us who might adore them as well. When we got to discussing it we understood how energized it made us so we knew we needed to accomplish something in this space,” says Enda.

The choice to fire up in India, rather than the UK, was on the grounds that the early market engaged him gigantically. It appeared that each thought was over and finished with in the West. Not that the Indian e-trade scene is not vigorously immersed itself. However, Enda says that web shopping in India parts into two unmistakable directions. There are the rebate substantial locales hawking mass business sector things. Alternately there are the hyper extravagance sites obliging the main one for each penny. Both Nilisha and Enda felt there was a colossal chance to take into account the recognizing, however planned, customer with refined tastes. What did what needs to be done for them was finding that India didn’t need producers who were making plans that had a worldwide tasteful however were being sent out abroad.