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India Takes steps to Increase the Women workers in Tech


The thing we learnt from Tech industry is to focus on numbers and look for solutions. The numbers of Indian Tech force tells that only around thirty percent of women in India work in Tech Fields. The ratio of male to female is 76 to 24 and expected to increase to 65 to 33 India can do still better. In United States female tech workforce is only 21 percent. The tech community in India is helping to increase the women workforce.

PayPal has launched a program to bring back woman who taken off minimum 2 years from their career. The company targeted women with tech background and five years experience in analytics and product development. Ten candidates would be taken on board to work in Chennai and Bangalore and they would be given training and internship. PayPal has. Forty Two percent of women employees globally.

Another organization that works towards increasing of women workforce is Headstart Network Foundation. This group of three Lakhs entrepreneurs claims that is the largest network in India. This organization hosts events on weekends especially for women. The founder of F5 escapes Malini Gowrishankar helps women in having off beat experience. She is also national lead of Women Entrepreneur – WE. WE initiative program happens once a month in different cities featuring a successful woman entrepreneur, a monitoring session or networking hour.

Sheroes is job portal for Educated Women Professionals. The site hosts forum where women can talk to mentors and other systems to start a business of own. There are many other initiatives too. “Girls in Tech” is run by NASSCOM with an initiative to increase women entrepreneurs. There are number of Taxi hailing Apps that run on woman’s safety. India launch first tech university three years ago.  While these things seem like getting better for women, there is an adverse roar in Chhattisgarh that says that the enthusiasm of women to work and improve has adversely affected the men. The unemployment of men has increased due to women. Bringing Tech woman workforce equal to men workforce is not an easy task and needs a lot more efforts.