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Flash your mind on your T Shirt

Flash your mind on your T Shirt 1

When it comes to Fashion Sky is the limit and T Shirts have always been the most preferred wear of all. T-Shirts are worn by both the Genders of all ages, in all countries in the world and in all seasons. People express their moods and attitudes through them. T-Shirt has been the mode of personal expression. One chooses to express mood and attitude by the graffiti on it but what if one chooses to project different moods and attitudes. Do they have to buy different T- Shirts to show different moods? Do they get the correct Graffiti on their T- Shirt or do they have to compromise with what is in the market. The answer to this question is NO they do not have to. Broadcast Wear Programmable T-Shirt saves one from this trouble.

This T Shirt looks simply white shirt but has amazing mode of expressing different moods and thoughts, not only everyday but whenever you want to. Broadcast Wear Programmable T-Shirt is digitally interactive. It is the future of expressing one’s self to the world. With this T Shirt one can flash mood specific messages and expressions. The T Shirt has in-built LEDs which are water proof and are easily controlled using an App on phone. With the help of the App one can flash the LED into any graffiti any time. For example it can be ‘I Love Party’ one time and ‘I Love Music’ on other time. All one has to do is change the Graffiti using the easy to use App from your mobile according to your mood, be it emoticons or animation or typed Text. One can fully control the illustrations on the Shirt. What more! This T Shirt is fully Washable and foldable as it uses white micro LEDs on cloth background which is water proof. Now one can freely express themselves with this T Shirt.