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GrabOn has become a happy zone for its employees


GrabOn is company dealing in online coupons is a leading company in this field has planned to open their first e-commerce branch in Hyderabad. GrabOn is launced by Landmark IT and focuses on easy- to- use interface supported online coupons and deals that cater to needs of Indian shoppers. The 12000 sft Hyderabad faculty is planned to feature distinctive architecture and design elements. This move for new workspace coincide the sharp rise in demand for GrabOn’s service and will give the company an opportunity to branch out into new market and also to create new captivating offerings. The new office would be equipped with gym, sleeping pods, gaming zones and showers to its employees. It also plans to provide soft seating, scribble ideas on wall and lot of other flexibility. The other zones to boast of are Brainstorm Zone, Turbo Zone, Free Zone, Idea Zone, Execution Corner, Finance Zone, Executive Zone, Idea Zone, GrabOn Timeline, Unwind Zone, Giga Factory and Cafteria with amazing food. The design has walls covered with artwork that depicts the company’s journey to success so far. The idea is to roll pleasure and business together with hope that the staff will be inspired to come up with new ideas and work well as a team.

GrabOn invested in right and innovative ideas in right time and emerged as youngest company that grew to 6 million visitor mark in just two years which is very unique. GrabOn specializes in technical innovations that reduced customer acquisition cost for merchants. It also provides extensive range of exclusive, genuine and validated coupons for online buyers. Mr. Ashok Reddy, Founder & CxO, GrabOn says that GrabOn is powerful portal where consumer finds latest deals, offers and coupons available anytime and we work on philosophy that happy people are innovative and productive.