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Small farmers becoming smart farmers thanks to Khyeti


Even in technically developing stage, A majority of Indian population depend on agriculture for their livelihood. Agriculture which is in India from Rigveda, and India stands second in allied sectors of farm production and agriculture worldwide. Agriculture contributes to 50 percent of workforce. Even though there is noticeable development in field of technology and other industries, there is a lot to be developed in field of agriculture. The farmers are affected by many things like industrial revolution, pollution, urbanization, climatic changes, premitive methods of farming low graded seeds and fertilizers crop failure and destruction which lead to farmers committing suicide.

Agriculture sectors need regular investment and hard work. There is no much progress in this sector and farmer are still struck to primitive methods of farming.  There is lack of awareness to new methods and fear of upgrading also prevalent.  Two entrepreneurs decided to find solution to the farmer’s problems andcame up with Kheyti- an agri tech startup. The aim of Kheyti is to design and implement end to end and affordable farming solutions to help farmers. Presently Kheyti has five dedicated members. Satya who has four years experience working with farmers is one of the co-founder, Kaushik who is into skill development training for six years, Ayush who has four years of experience managing agricultural operations is the co-founder, Akhil who has four years of experience with early stage companies and Saumya who is in educational sector and is founder of YellowLeaf.

Since inception Kheyti has been spreading out to many people possible and they are accepting it open hearted and recently this startup has won People’s Choice award held by Wharton India Startup Competition in Mumbai. All the salutes to these people who took up the brave step to help the ignored sector of the nation.