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The Road that lead to healthy state of HealthifyMe


Though weight reduction and stay healthy advertisements try a lot to grab attention of viewers, they merely succeed but Healthify me had a different story. It came up list of health and wellness space securing position in the top 50 best apps and is awarded the top developer badge by Google. The startup graduated from Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Program and came back to India to teach building global products but this was not a cakewalk. This was actually of Tushar Vashisht the present CEO way back in 2011 when he took challenge of living the life of average Indian for three weeks. This was an eye opener of how hard it is to maintain healthy life. healthifyMe started on  along with another co-founder Shachin Shenoy a person who handled different Google products for six years. HealthifyMe launched calorie counter app in 2012 seeing the western nutrition app did not include any information of Indian food and was of less use for Indians users. In 2014 the app was made available to iOS and to android app and had 40,000 users. But healthifyMe wanted more. There was a big turnaround when the team stopped building new features and focused on bringing users by adding health and wellness coach, yoga instructors, fitness trainer, and nutritionists who come for an additional fee.  The second step up the ladder was moving to Google’s Material Design to get healthifyMe to get notices by searchengines and then worked on the design and Play store featured the startup in 2015 which increased the sales by twenty five to thirty percent. The number of users increased to 250,000. healthifyMe partnered with 3 hospitals in delhi and Bangalore. Apart from this the team started going around the cities and talk to users about what they felt about the App. All these is a lesson to everyone who want to startup and make it big.