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An App to meet your Doctor through video

An App to meet your Doctor through video 1

Health care in India is a fast growing and lucrative space but it also has lot of loopholes which is literally shouting for attention. Many a times we are not well but would not have enough energy to go meet a doctor and the doctor is too busy to pay a house visit. Sometimes the consultant suggests some medicine but refuses to write it down on paper. Sometimes we are told to undergo various tests that are not actually necessary added to this there are lots of malpractices, lack of transparency and fake medicines.  Noting all these two entrepreneurs Vivek Bansal and Jaideep Singh started SeeDoc and launched it in New Delhi. SeeDoc is app based medical consultation facility through video. It is presently in Beta version and has accomplished nearly three hundred thousand users in just three months. This startup claims to facilitate nearly five hundred consolations per day. According to Vivek There is an heightened shortage in quality medical care sector and this is witnessed by the unprecedented demand of SeeDoc.

The beta version has three hundred thousand users in three months and five hundred consultations on video per day. The existing size of medical consultation market in India is twenty five billion US Dollars and the opportunity to grow in it is enormous because seventy five to eighty percent of follow-ups can be handled digitally. SeeDoc integrates Clinical Examination, Medicine delivery through local medical stores, and diagnostics examination and test by leading providers and this is in selected cities. A patient or user can opt for video consultation that is provided immediately on payment or ask question for free which would be answered in twenty four hours.

SeeDoc has Panel of Doctors from reputed institutions like Medanta, Forties and AIIMS for different spaces like General Health, Pediatric, Diabetes, Gynocology etc.