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Now you can rent a bike for a day from Tazzobikes


Commuting in Cities in buses and other public transport is a tedious task and even driving four wheelers seem a head ache due to traffic and lack of parking areas. Most of the time we wish we had a Two wheeler. Many a times we depend on our friend to pick us and our work depends on their help. The argument with auto drivers often put us in wrong mood, and kind of de-motivates us. If any of this is true in one’s life, they fall into the category of one who wants to own a bike to go around but cannot afford one.

Now we have Tazzobikes to equip us with a solution to this problem. This startup belongs to Priyam Saraswat from IIT Guwahati, who faced the inconvenience of public transport travel.  When Priyam came to Hyderabad from Saudi Arabia to meet his friends, the taxi cost him 300 Rs one way and public transportation was filthy and highly congested. This gave him a need to think of an affordable and convenient alternative to commuting, a Two wheeler that the customer can hire at affordable price. It was a good time to bring in Tazzobikes when the mode of public transportation was unorganized and insufficient in services and priced highly.  Tozzobikes is hassle free delivary of motorbikes on demand that are self driven.  The bikes are delivered at our doorstep at economic prices and without any advance deposit. Tazzobike is maximizing the utilization of its fleet with help of technology. The Tazzobike is a mixed team of IIT, IMT and XLRI grats.

All one needs to do is make a call at the given number – 040 30883596. The other option is leaving them a message. The bike is delivered at your doorstep without any deposit. You can ride it as long as you want. One you are done with it signal the team to stop and the bike will be picked. The renting can be hourly or daily basis. The fuel charges are include in the pricing listed. The App for Tozzobikes is in process of development