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Get Hot Breakfast Everyday To Your Office Desk


All the doctors advise us not to skip breakfast which is an important meal and the proverb also tells usti eat the breakfast like a king. We may skip our lunch or dinner but not breakfast. It is important because it is the first meal of the day and we eat it after almost more than 10 hours of fasting. Unfortunately this is the meal that is being neglected due to busy scheduled life. We tend to skip breakfast in order to reach office on time. May people wished to have to a solution to this issue. Now thanks to Time2Tiffin that delivers hot breakfast to your desk at office every morning just by click of a button. This startup aims to deliver home-made at affordable prices. The customer can order through Time2Tiffin app on cell phone or Time2Tiffin web page. In both the cases food prepared food is delivered in 30 to 40 minutes of order time in a high grade packing.

T2t has two business segments as of now. One is Business to Customers where T2T aims the workforce of Information Technology and other one is Business to Business where Hospitals and poorly equipped hotels are targeted. T2T plans to give complimentary breakfast for hotels in future. T2T is based on three principles – Quality, Price and Service. While a wide variety of South Indian Breakfast is prepared with indigents at home under Standard hygienic conditions, delivering it in time is the cream for success of T2T. This startup has faith in long terms relationship and understands the affordability of the customers that is why T2T has pricing at affordable range. T2T started in a garage of a techi and the team of 2 has 35 members now. They serve more than 30 delicious items in 8 locations of Hyderabad and has a plan to expand. The food is delivered from 7am to 11am and can be per-ordered for nextday.