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Get whatever you want from SubRentKaro on Rent

Get whatever you want from SubRentKaro on Rent 1

SubRentKaro is amazing idea of Sivaraju that came up when his son borrowing video games from his friend instead of buying one. Raj Shivaraju was a CIO in Delloit has 25 years experience in Information Technology. His conversation with 13 years old boy to exchange game with his friend instead of buying XBOX games, started game exchange platform and then turned to complete rental marketplace. Presently Shivraju has a team with collective experience of years.

There is a lot of changing jobs and places these day. People do not stay at one place for long time unlike olden days. There would be a lot of expenditure on transportation. So the other best option is renting the needed items instead of buying and stacking them so that one could easily return them and walk out to other cities without much trouble. There are also Plug and Play premises for official purpose where organization want to work but not want to invest on equipment. They just take the required equipment like computers, printers, storage devices, phones, headphones, bio-metric devices, even coffee wending machines on rent.  SubRentKaro is pan India e-commerce rental site. It is end to end service providing platform from owner to renters and takes care of insuring, on boarding and shipping the rented product. SubRentKaro.com has end-to-end automation in cycle of rentals. They patented the rental process that separates them from competition. The startup that went live in November has with main focus of having a high presence on social media, has USP of bring entrepreneurship to common man’s doorstep with no additional investment and crating recurring earnings from products they own. SubRentKaro turns house hold to warehouse of many unutilized and underutilized assets.

SubRentKaro has its operations in 10 cities and is still expanding.  So if someone has unused items at home and are willing to rent them, you know where to go. The same applies for someone who need things on temporary basis.