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Popular eCommerce sites that Indians love to shop


Shopping on net which was once tech savvy’s pastime has now become ubiquitous thanks to the surge in using of internet. The awareness of ecommerce and startups of different online shopping apps has increased the business of online shopping. Indians are very specific and choosy when it comes to online shopping and they rely mostly on Indian based startups and globally leading sites are not necessarily the popular ones within India. While some sites like Alibaba and Amazon ship only to the country, others like Amazon’s Indian unit Snapdeal and Flipkart taken up global modal and went as local as possible. Here are a few popular sites and their domestic and global ranking. The sites here are indicative to show what types of ecommerce win Indian hearts.

Top of the list is Amazon India – According to Similar Web. Amazon- which was launched in India 2013, six years after Flipkart beats all other websites. This came through after planned fight with mega spending on advertisements, localizing. Though top in the world Amazon ranks sixth place in India with 90.30 million visits by desktops in December.

Flipkart which is the king of ecommerce in India holds second place of popularity on web. Flipkart pushes more towards app transaction where it beats Amazon. Flipkart leads the ecommerce pack in the India but is always under stress to maintain that lead. Similar Web rank in India is seventh with 76.90 million visits in December through desktops.

Snapdeal is self perceived online Walmart. Snapdeal is a technology that brings sellers and buyers together. The company has a big challenge of matching Amazon and flipkart. Similar Web ranking of Snapdeal is 19 with 44.40 million desktop visits in December.

Ebay which was once on the same pace as Amazon is slipped down to fifth position in India. Similar Web rank id 31 with 20.40 million visits.

Jabong which was imbalanced by management changes once now seem to have balanced now. Similar Web rank in India is 34 with 68.10 million desktop visits.

Shopclues working its way up the ladder focusing on daily house hold needs and expected to be profitable with IPO in 2017 has Similar Web ranking of 40 with 18.50 million desktop visits.

OLX a rival of Quickr came into being in 2007 became popular in buying and selling pre owned books cars and real estate has Similar Web rank of 41 with 13.30 million desktop visits.

Quikr has been growing fast. Similar Web rank in India 53 with 18.30 million visits.