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Flo- The thermometer that is so exciting that you would wish to have fever


Checking the temperature specially in a child is often difficult and sometimes clumsy. We do this using thermometer, cramming this plastic or metal tube under the tongue or armpit. In olden days there was a better method, one could tell just by placing the hand on the forehead whether one has fever or not. So in order to avoid the clumsy procedure and help people of fever dilemma in simple method, Flo – a Hong Kong startup aims to bring together the accuracy of infra-red thermometer and casual and easy use of smart phone. As per Kick starter’s indication, they are tapping into something big. According to Founder of Flo Eddie Cheung, the philosophy of the design was to make the instrument convenient and simple as possible as smart must mean more than just data sharing on phone.

A team of Flo tried other smart thermometers available and found that  many were large science devices that do not work without smart phones. Flo is smart thermometer that gives feedback even without phone, is wireless and gives the impression of an attractive colorful keychain. It is not right to call it a digital thermometer because there are no digits on it. Using it is the simplest thing. One has to just point Flo at the fore head of a person and the light on the gadget will flash red if the person has fever and green if the person is normal and white if the person is bit cold. If user wants specific temperature information they can get it  on their smart phones or apple watches connected to Flo. This is very helpful to check temperature over time. Flo is devised for people who have to take temperatures often, specifically the new parents, caregivers and elderly people but it does not stop curious adults in tracking temperatures and what more it can read temperatures aloud.