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Commut: A convenient way of travelling to your workplace


There is an exponential growth in Information Technology Sector which brings raise in traffic in IT hubs like Hitech City, Gachiboli, Madhapur etc. Travelling in city either by public transport or by self driving, has become a long and tiresome to city dwellers. Though there are company offered cab services these too are being weaved off as cost cutting and the problem is back to square one.

Now Communte, a city based startup has come up as solution to his problem. It is a minibus transport service for office commuters. This startup operates mini buses at high frequency at affordable price. The app enables one to book specific pickup and specific drop point ride. The motto of Commute is comfortable and hassle free office travel experience. This startup relies on google maps, Metro, RTC and data collected physically everyday basis. The Commute team is working hard to come up with a route optimization formula that would enable them to dynamically identify in real time, most efficient routes. The startup Commut is the idea of a bunch of IIT persons of Hyderabad – Prasanth Garapati, Sandeep Kachavarpu, Srujai Varikuti and  Hemanth Jonnalagadda. When asked how they got the idea of Commute, Prasanth said that they always wanted to do something for the society and when one of his friend a co-founder of Commute who had to travel from Dilshuknagar to Hitech city was frustrated, the team sat on finding a solution to the problem and that is how Commute came into picture. They gave up their high lofty pay jobs and dedicated full time to make Commute a hassle free and wonderful experience for the users.

The working of Commute is very simple. Select your route that is the pickup and drop points, then select the ride based on your convenient time and confirm the details of booking and enjoy the ride. Commute has Economical, Pollution free, live tracking, estimated time of arrival display, safety features like nearest police stations and live tracking, route optimization etc. 70 percent of users are women.  Altogether  it is the best way to commute to office