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Shoptap – A startup that is empowering the retailers in using the technology


Supply chain plays a big role in any trade. Supply chain management is a complicated process that begins with demand for the product what passes to the manufacturer. Suppliers supply raw material for the product which is produced and then supplied to the retailer through wholesaler who then sells it to the customer. The value and profit of supply chain depends on the ability of retailer to sell the product to the customer.  The retailer has to make maximum sales to even up and make a profit with little profit margins, high shop rents and inventory costs and transportation labor cost etc.

ShopTap was launched in 2014 by Raghu Muvvala and Manikanta Racharla  to address the unaddressed issues of retailers and help them. ShopTap is an offline ecommerce platform that is designed to bridge gap between consumers and retailers. ShopTap has been receiving magnificent response from retailers who are the target customers. ShopTap helps the retailers to do their sales without having to spend on working capital and inventory. The dictum of ShopTap is to drive business into unstructured retail stores business which contributes to 96 percent of commerce in India. By Signing to SHopTap a small town retail business man can sell over 50,000 products from 14 groups without much investment on land or inventory.

Manikanta researched and found out that the though the small retailers spend a lot to put up a physical shop, their business scenario is in painful situation. With  the commerce is shifting to digital world and these retailers are left behind at larch. ShopTap is firmly determined to address this problem. The retailers signed up to ShopTap have two options – ShopTap Kiosk and ShopTap M-POS app where the customer can order and the retailer can ship the product to customer’s doorstep. M-POS application could convert sales into single window counter.  Today The team of 7 passionate persons without much previous experience successfully provide platform for more that 600 retailers and could generate GMV of Rs8.31 Crores in one year.