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A note for from built for free to budding entrepreneurs


India is witnessing a paradigm change in trade and ecommerce, with government encouraging startups by cutting hurdles and giving tax benefits on one side and many entrepreneurs enthusiastic and hungry to make a mark. This is an exciting time where the whole country is buzzed about startups and people walking the least tread path with new ideas and new innovations and countless new startups.  Despite this change it is not easy for a startup to incubate and survive. The new entrepreneurs may not have the idea of real market and even if they have a successful and innovative idea, bringing it into reality is an uphill task. Due to this lack of reality experience new startups often tend to close even before they really stabilize in market. So to encourage the new ideas and guide them to success we need a body of experts and enthusiastic and motivating mentors and peers. There should be somebody who can give these entrepreneurs the real picture of their projects.

Builtforfree aspires to be a stage of preference for entrepreneurs to connect with volunteers and to work under direction of mentors. A well deserving idea would get prototyped with support of experienced group of individuals during Builtforfree winter session 2016 which would be for eight weeks. While the startups have the initial hurdles stacked up in terms of fund raising, validating nonexistent market, finding right team, resourcing etc Builtforfree – as an incubation platform driven by the community, would give the right support and guidance for the startups that is already star-crossed.  As Builtforfree dreams to revolutionize the incubation of startups, it invites the experts and startup enthusiasts to come forth and join the co-creation community.

Builtforfree also insists not to forget encouraging somebody in taking risk of trying a big idea because it feels that it is the only way to create wealth and well being opportunity for everybody present.