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India’s leading travel bloggers Sandeepa and Chetan began their endeavor by selling their house!

India's leading travel bloggers Sandeepa and Chetan began their endeavor by selling their house!
At Tso Moriri, Ladakh. Image: Sandeepa and Chetan

Inspiration comes in little packages and the couple, Sandeepa and Chetan is a perfect example for that. Not everyone can give up the monotony of a secure job and salary to chase their dreams. Sandeepa is an Electronics Engineer while Chetan comes with an advertising and design background. They love traveling with a passion so deep that they left their jobs and even sold their house to journey the world. Sandeepa and Chetan love to travel spontaneously without any specific plan in their mind. They prefer public transport and like homestays better for accommodation. Be it mountains, beaches, islands or deserts, they love it all. When it comes to a big tourist destination, their most loved thing is tiny lanes. Their relatives had varied reactions like “This is amazing. Go for it!” and “What is wrong with you?” These reactions could not belittle their passion for traveling and everyone around them supported them after they realized their seriousness to do this.

They were attracted to each other for the love of travel and nature. For the very first time, they traveled to Coorg in the Western Ghats of India. Their journey included staying in homestays, going on treks and forestwalks with safaris. Overall, they had a wonderful time together.

They have been to every place in India, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru. The most interesting part of traveling together is that they can always be with each other.However, with the pros come some cons too. When they had goone to Patagonia, they had a fight because of the exhaustion of non-stop travel and financial constraints. Nonetheless, such petty matters have not stopped them. They have traveled 8 countries together and are looking forward to travel even more. They wish to explore each and every corner of the world. People may call it crazy but that has brought them laurels that people crave for.

Besides traveling, they also pursue photography and their photographs have got featured in publications like National Geographic.

Not only pictures, they have a huge collection of beautiful memories, sweet and funny experiences and knowledge about different cultures.



About Disha Bhatt

Dr. Disha Bhatt is an ardent traveler and loves to explore new places. Be it the monuments of Rajasthan or the beaches of Goa or the other unexploited wonders of India, she is very fond of experiencing different places. She believes that every place has something awesome to offer. No place is "good" or "bad" because once you travel, you can make amazing memories at every place. She is a doctor by profession , but deep down she believes that if traveling was free she would never come back to her home town, Ahmedabad.