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A Ramadan App developed by a Sikh Engineer reached more than 5 lakh downloads!

A Ramadan App developed by a Sikh Engineer reached more than 5 lakh downloads! 2
Kuldeep with his grandfather

We live in a world divided by borders and religions. Amidst that inequality, there is a 27 year old mechatronics engineer Kuldeep Singh Saini who developed Ramadan App that helps in knowing the direction of prayer, meal after sunset – iftar, meal before dawn – sehri and prayer timings. What is more intriguing is the fact that it has been installed more than half-a-million times.

Kuldeep Singh Saini is basically from Ahmedabad and has studied in Ganpat University. Once he graduated, he aspired to study design at National Institute of Design. However, he could not make it though he reached the last round of admission procedure two times. Later, he went on to seek a job in mechanical companies but failed in that too. He was attracted to app development during the same period. He was not well versed with coding and was keen on the designing of apps. His brother who has an app development company named App Aspect in Ahmedabad taught coding to Kuldeep. He began his journey with basic utility app development for Android and iOS.

Ramadan 2016
Ramadan 2016

Kuldeep had always been fascinated by the sincerity of the workers at his father’s garage during Ramadan, the Holy Islam festival. He had a desire to simplify it for them. It was in the year 2015 that he started working on a Ramadan App. At the initial stage, he researched religious practices by speaking to the workers in his father’s garage. User Interface and User Experience took him 2 months and the actual coding was completed in the next two months. He launched the app on Google Playstore on 10th May 2015. On the very first day of the fast, he got 53,000 downloads.

  Details about the app

The App included the 2016 Ramadan calendar, namaz prayer times, Qibla Compass, Asma-Al-Husna (99 names of Allah), hijri (Islamic Calendar), hijri date converter, Ramadan duas as well as the sehri and iftar timing. It also allows the user to set alarm for the prayer time.

The app has received immense appreciation from the users and has an ad-free PRO version at Rs. 99. Kuldeep is presently working on a heart-rate monitor, QR code scanner and some other utility apps. Kuldeep aspires to have his own app development company and use technology to resolve the caste differences.

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