Home Success Stories This CEO ended India’s mobile technology famine – Torchbearer of the Future

This CEO ended India’s mobile technology famine – Torchbearer of the Future

This CEO ended India’s mobile technology famine – Torchbearer of the Future
Atishe - CEO of doodleblue

Technology at its Finest

The year 2011 holds a place of great importance for a particular entrepreneur hailing from India. Working up the courage and a solid plan in his New York apartment fuelled his need to realize his entrepreneurial dreams as soon as possible, that too, on his home turf. Finally, he came to India and started a niche web design services company, doodleblue that would go on to give him name and fame.

Atishe Chordia is that young entrepreneur with wheels for feet and wings attached to his dreams, who reached out to grab his share of a bright future. Because, possessing a dedicated clientele spanning 45+ countries globally, is nothing short of magical. Is it not true that hard work pays?

How it all started:

Atishe is a CEO who is equipped with a different set of credentials that other CEOs generally possess. Unlike a traditional business background backed MBA degree, Atishe holds an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering, Economics & Statistics. He followed that with immediate employment in a New York based software consulting firm as a project manager. This work stint acted as a learning base to know and understand how business works and what should be anticipated.

With a family business waiting to be headed back in India, Atishe chooses to chase his dreams and make them real instead. This is considered a risky proposition according to minds steeped in traditional business but it is a classic example of how taking risk surely pays in abundance.

The Business

The company was named “doodleblue” (with d specifically in small lettering) and was conceptualized by Atishe and his sister Nishyta, the siblings being richly endowed with artistic and creative skills. The services that the company offers today encapsulate end to end need in UI/UX designing, web application development, mobile application development, custom enterprise application development and digital marketing needs.

It is not every day that you get to see niche design service companies grow into a fully functional web and mobile application development company. Eye-catching design solutions, high quality web and mobile apps, repetitive clientele and increasing list of new clients define the success of the company today.

The Contrasting Factor:

Frantic calls and rising tempers are totally out of place in the doodleblue workplace. This is because of an excellent work culture set by Atishe right from his first project. Systematic charting out of weekly and monthly delivery activities, peaceful working and constant communication mark the exemplary work culture of doodleblue.

Surpassing quality of deliverables and happy customers are some things that every company aims at and Atishe makes sure to get that in return. Every city, every country and every continent has scores of companies that provide what clients require from a standard web and mobile apps development company. There are a handful of companies driven by limited capital and unlimited talent that put their life and soul into their work and cover that extra mile to ensure end to end perfection in their deliverables.

A feather on the cap is the R&D department that is constantly buzzing with activity. Atishe stresses on the importance of being updated on the latest technology and find ways to use it in creating optimal solutions for the clients.

These factors are major tie breakers when it comes to understanding why doodleblue is a frontrunner.

Dreaming a bright future…

Strongly believing in action being the foundation for success, Atishe aims at being proactive, by not just being a service provider but also a product developer. With continuous assistance from the internal R&D department, Atishe sees the world through intelligent glasses and smart watches – interactive wearables. Many projects in the company are using latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Virtual and Augmented Reality and Optical Character Reader.

Not stopping with focus on the company’s growth alone, Atishe strongly believes in giving something back to the society in all ways possible. Being an active philanthropist, he is involved in all social service related activities. For many CEOs of today who struggle with time management, this CEO has it all figured out!

Humility and unwavering focus is a lethal combination, which when present in the right mix only, brings unending success. Atishe Chordia is one such gifted person who has an ingrained sense of humility. This CEO is someone to look out for, starting today!

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