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The success stories of Indian hardware start-ups


Intel’s Maker Lab for India has been helping Indian hardware start-ups carve new stories of success by providing them with the required infrastructure, tools along with the requisite guidelines and mentorship. It also aims at helping start-ups cater the needs of consumer as well as business. These start-ups work in various fields ranging from education, health, agriculture, sports, finance and e- governance. Few of the start-ups who have gained benefits from Intel’s initiative have been listed below.

  1. JayaLaxmi Agrotech: It is a start up based on agriculture which develops various mobile applications based on specific crops for agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry. In addition, it assists farmers through mobile technology, cloud and analytics. JayaLaxmi Agrotech makes the use of its application easy for farmers by giving them the options of using the applications in various Indian regional languages. Agripole, a product of this start-up allows the farmers to download the agricultural related applications in their specifically preferred local language.
  2. Klassic Klonec: This start-up works in the field of providing IoT networks in demanding and remote areas. It operates within wireless sensor connectivity platform which is very easy to use and helps in deploying intelligent, scalable and reliable IoT networking. Intel has helped this start-up build a hydroponic unit enabled through IoT which aims at growing plants without soil at industrial centres and homes.
  3. Parkzap: It is a Gurgaon based start-up which has designed an application exclusively for solving the parking issues of people. It has made an android application which assists users in locating the nearest parking sites and helps them in doing cashless payment for the parking space. Currently, it is working in the field of designing an embedded controller in order to expand the end to end solution for controlling the mechanisms involved in parking gates. This unique start-up has made the life of people easy by providing a smart solution to the problems of finding parking space.