Home Health Startups Get over the traditional taboo of sexual health with Cupid Care

Get over the traditional taboo of sexual health with Cupid Care

Get over the traditional taboo of sexual health with Cupid Care

Population explosion is a much talked about issue in India. While it has successfully completed its Mars mission, it is still considered to be a matter of embarrassment to buy condom or oral contraceptive pills. Sex and sexual health is still seen as a secretive subject. Despite being an important concern, it remains under covers for no reason at all. Sex education and sexual health are significant topics to talk about. It is researched that 1 in 5 individuals face sexual health problems but they are scared to reveal it.

CupidCare, a startup from Hyderabad initiated by Sriram Varma (Ex-Tracxn and alumni of BITS Goa) and Krishna Teja (Ex-Orbees Medical and alumni of IIT BHU) has attempted to use technology to resolve sexual health issues. The users can talk to genuine sexologists, psychologists and gynecologists through video, telephone or texts. It was launched in the second week of March and in the short time elapsed, they have managed to help more than 200 clients.

Kudos to CupidCare for this wonderful thought! They have really been troubleshooters for so many people out there.

The most common queries solved by them included sex addiction, homosexuality, irregular menstrual cycle, premature ejaculation erectile dysfunction, sexually transmitted diseases and other issues related to gynaecology and dermatology.

The experts included sexologists, psychologists, gynecologists and andrologists from metropolitan cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Cochin, Indore and Vijayawada. Besides online consultation, clients can also have diagnostic tests booked and avail sexual health packages with maintenance of ultimate confidentiality.

CEO Sriram remarked that they are dealing with a significant problem in India and they decided to take help of technology to resolve the problem as it enables anonymity for the clients while they talk to our doctors. Apart from the on-demand consultations, they would also allow online counseling packages for premarital counseling, hypersexual disorders, postpartum depression and menopausal depression.

The company bagged the award at TiE smashup that was held at Hyderabad in February 2016. The company is being operated from Hyderabad with Dr. A. Satyanarayana Reddy, a senior sexologist and gynecologist accompanied by Dr. Rahul Reddy, andrologist.

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