Arpita Khadrai’s App Signtist is choosen as Indian representative in Mobile...

Arpita Khadrai’s App Signtist is choosen as Indian representative in Mobile Premier Awards

Arpita Khadria Founder

Aprita Khadria is an MBA from TA PAI Management Institute Manipal, and was associated with brands like Fastrack and Titan. Today, at the age of 33 she has 3 startups. Arpita Khadrai’s  App Signtist is choosen as Indian representative in Mobile Premier Awards. Signtist is a game developed in Bezzerk hers games and App Company. It is a logical reasoning game, an idea of Arpita Khadria that occurred when she was using old T9 phone which needed pressing of keys several to get the required letter. The game of guessing the word from logical pattern was launched as puzzle books had very good response without any advertisement. The Android version of the iOS version of the game were developed which have seen 25000 downloads.

Barefoot is the second startup of Arpita Khadria. It is a brand consultancy firm. The marketing and consultancy firms are usually costly. Barefoot provides consultancy at affordable prices for newstartups. Arpita Khadria limited her clients to five or six at one time so that the clients could get focused attention. Barefoot is a four membered team with 15 freelancers to handle the design requirement. Arpita Khadria also launched not-for-profit startup called Give Freely – a platform  where NGO are eligible to displaly their requirements. Arpita personally  vetted all the NGO before including them. This platform is sustained by Arpita Khadria’s personal savings and she hopes that other big organizations will join soon as part of Corporate Social Responsibility. Arpita Khadria is a big admirer of Richard Branson and wants to be serial entrepreneur and get noted. She believes in think big, start small and act now. Her patience has helped her to avoid making mistakes. She feels that doing the right thing is very important as monetary success. Arpita Khadria gives importance to relationship be it vendors clients or employees and this led her to success. According to Arpita staying true to values and avoiding shortcut is the success muntra.

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