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Ambee: Providing effective ambulance services

Ambee: Providing effective ambulance services
Team Ambee

In today’s technical and smart phone enabled world, it is very unfortunate that one can get a cab in five minutes but, getting an ambulance at a critical time is nearly impossible. Even in urban areas, it takes almost 40-60 minutes to get an ambulance. Many people lose their lives because of unavailability of medical aid and ambulance at the right time so in order to solve this critical issue, few high profile job holders at companies like Google and Apple left their lucrative job and came with the idea of a startup named Ambee which aims at providing great ambulance services to people of India.

The founders of Ambee did a lot of research work and analysis in this field and found that there are plenty of ambulance services available in India but, the problem lies in the fact that these ambulance services are hard to discover when required. The power of technology has the ability to change lives and the founders of Ambee took the route of technology to give this country a better access to ambulances.

Ambee works through a systematic procedure and networks existing ambulances and provides an easy way for the user to access these ambulances through a mobile app, website or a phone call. It will ease the problems of people who had to go through a list of ambulance service providers to contact and/or coordinate on phone giving directions to the driver.

Ambee uses mobile, mapping and location tracking technologies automatically find the nearest available ambulances and dispatch one with accurate directions. This will help in easy access of ambulances with efficient drivers, paramedics and high quality vehicles and equipment.

Ambee showcased itself midst the top 140 startups at the NASSCOM Product Conclave 2016 and is a NASSCOM 10000 Startup and Mobile 10X (an Internet and Mobile Association of India, IAMAI, initiative) incubated company. As an early stage startup, Ambee is focusing towards launching its services in Hyderabad and scaling to rest of the country soon after that.


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