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Success stories of Indian Start-ups


The Indian start-up journey paved its avenue few years back and now it is escalating new heights every day. Variety of Indian start-ups has come into the scenes which are making our lives and work a lot more easy. From fashion portals to small loan portals, these start-ups have all the elements to excel in their particular field. Here are few of the start-ups which are leaving a prominent mark and carving their success stories.

  1. ShoeKonnect: It is an Agra based start-up which deals in leather products. Founded by a business family working in the field of footwear manufacturing, ShoeKonnect is a B2B market place and has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Indian Angel Network. The aim of this start-up is to help retailers get products from manufactures by decreasing the hassle of logistics and costs incurred on it. ShoeKonnect has the mission of connecting around 5,000 footwear companies including suppliers, traders, retailers and manufacturers. The lead investor of ShoeKonnect, Sahil kejriwal believes that the domestic demand in the footwear industry is going to rise in near future which in turn would help ShoeKonnect expand its business at a larger scale.


  1. FabAlley: It is a Delhi based fashion store which has successfully raised a funding of US$2 million in a series A funding round initiated by Indian Quotient. The existing investors of this ecommerce company like Indian Angel network and Ranjan Sharma, a social entrepreneur were also a part of this funding round. FabAlley shall use this funding to expand its existing online and offline stores


  1. ZipLoan: It is a Delhi based start-up which provides loans to businesses ranging from small to medium level. The company deals in giving loans ranging from US$3,000 to US$15,000 for a time period of one to three years. ZipLoan has acquired an undisclosed amount of seed funding by GrowX Ventures. The investors include Murugappa Group’s Arun Venkatchalam, angel investor Sunil Kalra and former snapdeal executive Badal Malick.