Home Startup Story YoAccess- A startup providing world’s largest Wi-Fi hotspot network

YoAccess- A startup providing world’s largest Wi-Fi hotspot network


YoAccess is a startup that came into existence in 2015 and was started by Jaikishan Jalan. Today’s world is technologically connected and everything is carried out online so it is very important to have access to seamless internet connection. However, great connectivity and internet connection is a big problem these days and in order to solve this issue, Jaikishan Jalan came up with the idea of YoAccess.

The team of YoAccess aims to provide great experiences and opportunities to people by giving them access to seamless internet connectivity. YoAccess has aggregated the existing Wi-Fi spots in order to create world’s largest Wi-Fi hotspot network which would assist users in experiencing seamless internet connection easily. YoAccess works in the form of a mobile app which allows users to discover, share and connect to nearby Wi-Fi hotspots. With the help of this app, the users can see community and public Wi-Fi near them and automatically connect to nearby open connections when they are in close vicinity. In addition, the users can add these Wi-Fi hotspots on the app to make it easier for other users to connect to them.

YoAccess is very easy to install and use. It can be downloaded from the Google play store and install it. After installation, the users can sign up through Facebook and Google. Once the sign up has been done, the user can see all the available Wi-Fi networks in the vicinity. The app automatically connects the users to any of those open Wi-Fi networks. The users can also find and share public and community to contribute to the app.

Apart from sharing public Wi-Fi hotspots, YoAccess also works in pairing up with retailers who share unused  Wi-Fi bandwidth on the YoAccess platform and in return get a SaaS platform with complete user behavior, customer analytics, and ability to engage in the market. In addition, YoAccess plans to convert few of its hotspots into premium hotspots which shall provide consistent quality internet connection for a price of 5 paisa/MB.