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Alumnate: Schoolguru Eduserve Launches a Private Network of alumni for Educational Institutions

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Alumni relations were never given the importance in the past decade, but with rise in social media activities the Educational institutions are now realizing the power of communication channels existing within its past and current students. To build such credibility and strong relations between alumni and the institutions, Schoolguru Eduserve, the Ed-tech Company, has launched Alumnate (www.alumnate.org), a free portal for all Educational Institutions who want to manage their alumni network but are reluctant to invest in additional expenses required to set up a robust network. Alumnate will create brand value for the institutions at no capital costs. The website is part of the Company’s philanthropic initiative to encourage networking and partnership opportunities among alumni.

Schoolguru was established in 2012 with the noble vision of revolutionizing the way Open and Distance Learning (ODL) is delivered to higher education students in India. The Company plays a significant role in encouraging an on-going relationship between the University and its associated students. The Company’s main objective is to focus on the upliftment of the weaker sections of the society with the advancement of digital media. However, as a part of its extended services, Schoolguru’s is now inviting all educational institutions to sign up for its privileged alumni portal, Alumnate for free.

To access the alumnate services, the education institution is required to sign up on the website. Upon registration, the Schoolguru team verifies the authorized person’s documents and provides access with a unique user ID and password. The website interface is user friendly and facilitates easy navigation. Colleges and Universities can get access to their personal alumni network and can further personalise the portal by choosing color themes and uploading logos relevant to their individual institutions.  The institutions can efficiently manage their student’s database and can use the same to regularly update news and upcoming events. Schoolguru ensures to host a robust infrastructure and process automation for Alumnate.

Students, on other hand, can benefit from the Alumnate features that include posting updates and uploading images. They can post jobs and use the private messages feature to initiate further networking opportunities.. Alumni can interact with current students and can be great role models by offering them practical support to establish their careers. Alumni can thus enhance the value of the institution, an in return elevate their own degree qualification. Alumnate also serves as a great tool for budding start ups.  Entrepreneurs with new ideas can come together to share their business ideas with like minded people and create new business partnerships. Alumnate can serve as a great platform for angel investors.

Mr. Shantanu Rooj, CEO of Schoolguru Eduserve and a visionary, who has dedicated his efforts in delivering ICT services sees ample of opportunities within an alumni network to pool innovation and create long lasting business partnerships.

He confirms that alumni relations is an important asset of an institution’s advancement activities for many reasons. Alumni are an institution’s most loyal supporters. They represent the University’s academic culture and present themselves as greatest brand ambassadors for the educational institutions Members of Alumni have the potential to generate invaluable word-of-mouth marketing among their social and professional networks. By engaging alumni, an institution can continue to benefit from their skills and experience.

Mr Rooj insists that powerful alumni relations can benefit alumni as well as the institution equally. If an institution makes a genuine attempt to support its alumni in their professional and personal lives by reconnecting with them, providing them with social and professional networks and offering preferential access to on-campus expertise, they are likely to be the life-long loyal supporters. Alumni, with dedicated support can achieve substantial positions of success and influence, which in return will bring reputation and build a solid foundation for the institution.

Schoolguru acknowledges the value of alumni and assists the institutions to generate an invaluable experience for its alumni and existing students. The Company welcomes every educational institution to sign up and benefit from the free portal.

To know more, visit www.alumnate.org

About Schoolguru: Schoolguru, a Red Herring award winner is India’s première technology-led specialized academic services organization. The Company aims to deliver high-quality educational experience to Indian students in every nook and corner of the country, and therefore, partners with leading Indian Universities to help them implement Online and Virtual courses for their students at no capital costs. Currently, Schoolguru partners with 18 large Universities and services 150,000 students on its platform influencing higher education services in India.