BigProfit: A Fintech startup making its presence felt in the Stock Advisory...

BigProfit: A Fintech startup making its presence felt in the Stock Advisory Industry of India.

BigProfit Team

Indian Stock Exchange is believed to be one of the largest and fastest growing stock exchanges in the world with a market capitalization of a whopping $1.7 trillion and a trade speed of 6 microseconds. Though, the Indian Stock Exchange is paving avenues of growth at full pace, there are only few people amongst the 31 million strong stock market who actually have the knowledge of right stock and securities to trade with. This is what inspired the founders of BigProfit to come up with a mobile application which connects investors with the diverse list of SEBI registered Analysts & Advisors. So, basically BigProfit is an online market place which gives the SEBI registered Research Analysts & Investment Advisors a platform to list and sell their subscriptions service of stock market research online through this mobile application.

BigProfit was founded in January’ 2016 by Rajeev Gupta, a MBA graduate in finance and marketing, and Rakesh Gupta, a Chartered Accountant. Both of them had more than 18 years of experience in the field of stock market and understood the issues of investment stocks including buying research or advisory service which is a costly affair and can be accessible only to high net worth individuals. With BigProfit, they wished to give people the choice and worked on the prototype while keeping it very transparent and convenient for investor to check the past recommendations, unbiased performance and ratings and take services of any analyst online.

BigProfit provides trustable, qualified and SEBI registered stock market analysts to investors at very reasonable costs. In a short span of time, BigProfit has got 40,000+ downloads with an addition of 30+ analysts. It also gets around 5000+ active users every month. The team at BigProfit works hard towards providing its users great service and amazing user experience.

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