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PDF To Excel – An Excellent Free Companion for Small Businesses

PDF To Excel - An Excellent Free Companion for Small Businesses
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In every corner of the developed world, so many businessmen (and businesswomen), are counting on everyday help from the versatile programs of the Microsoft Office suite. Even though Word and PowerPoint can be used in numerous work-related activities, recently globally implemented studies suggest that MS Excel is by far the most used all-around business software. That really doesn’t come as a surprise, if we take into account all the possibilities it offers with its highly editable structure.

As a direct result of the frequent use of this program, an irritating problem can happen every time we send an Excel file to a computer (or device), which has a different operating system from the computer we used to send the document. To be more precise, if a user who has a Macintosh computer sends a file to a device that runs on Windows, the most likely scenario is that the recipient won’t be able to properly view the file, because of the distinguishing way of interpretation of the file’s formatting that every operating system has. The same situation can happen vice versa, or with the use of Linux, and other open source operating systems.

The most probable scenario is that the file in question will have some slight formatting issues, and rarely this formatting difference will render the file completely unviewable.

Luckily, there is a quick and convenient way to overcome this. Prior to sending, an Excel document should be converted to a PDF file, because this format is capable of presenting itself on every single OS and device. Developed by Adobe, it’s an industry’s standard for document-sharing, and Excel has a built-in option to save the project in a PDF form, just as every other software in the Office suite.

The only flaw to the PDF is that it cannot be edited in a traditional fashion (because of its read-only nature), but it requires software that is specifically designed for the task or extracting all the data from it, and returning it to the previous editable Excel form. These kinds of software solutions usually cost a pretty penny, but for people and businesses who looking to save up, PDF to Excel can offer great help. Using this online tool you can transform your PDF back to Excel in no time.

PDF to Excel has no login page and absolutely no personal information is required, which rapidly quickens the entire process. Besides that, all files that go through the company’s server are deleted in batches every six hours.

Available languages are English, Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, Dutch,Malaysian, German, Turkish, Japanese with more to come very soon.

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