Home Success Stories Waste Ventures India: Making cities clean digitally.

Waste Ventures India: Making cities clean digitally.

Waste Ventures India: Making cities clean digitally.

Waste management is a major issue of today’s modern world. The vast development all around the world has brought its share of wastes too and India is nowhere behind in generating wastes. If reports are to be believed then India stands 3rd in garbage generation. The 377 million people residing in Urban India generate around 62 million tons of garbage every day. However, India has been contributing in managing its waste through initiatives like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan but, these efforts are not enough to make India garbage free. Hence, in order to build a sustainable waste management solution, Parag Gupta came up with the idea of starting Waste Ventures India.

Parag Gupta founded Waste Ventures India in 2011. He along with his team worked towards mastering the science of composting and this startup gained a new momentum when Rob Whiting and Roshan Miranda, its co- founder from US came up with a new strategy and shifted the startup to Hyderabad in 2015. They were also joined by Mathangi Swaminathan, MBA from ISB after which the startup paved new avenues of growth and success. In addition, Waste Ventures India’s product manager Abdul built Toter, the technology platform of this startup through Hyderabad’s first household level recyclable pickup service came into existence.

This startup works with around 18,000 households along with corporate campuses like Google, Flipkart and Infosys and hold partnerships with multiple MNCs such as Coca-Cola and HUL. A zero waste village has been made at Gandipet which consists of a decentralized composting centre through which the startup recycles around 100 MT monthly with the help of approx 1000+ waste pickers.

The service of Waste Ventures India is very easy to avail. Anyone who needs a green channel for their waste has to go on toter.in or their official website and book their pickup time and slot. Once the firm confirms your chosen slot, a representative from Toter shall reach your location at the scheduled time, weigh the recyclable products through a digital weigh scale and pay the money in accordance with the trash you give. It won’t be wrong if this green channel is considered the best way of garbage disposal in today’s world.