Home Health Startups HealthSocho: A startup dealing with alternative medicine market.

HealthSocho: A startup dealing with alternative medicine market.

HealthSocho: A startup dealing with alternative medicine market.
Co-Founders : Anshul – Nikunj – Saurabh

Alternative medicines such as dietary supplements are believed to be more effective in boosting immunity and fighting diseases like heart disease, infection, and osteoporosis in comparison to conventional medicines. In this context, the founders of HealthSocho came up with a unique idea and pave avenues for this alternative medicine portal. At a time, when most of the medical startups are working in the field of connecting doctors, patients, and diagnostic centers, HealthSocho has chosen a new way to connect to its users.

It was founded in September, 2016 by Saurabh, Satija, Anshul Sikri & Nikunj Tyagi. Anshul and Nikunj’s extensive pharmacy knowledge and experience through their respective ventures ABS mercantile and Pharmacy Force lab made it easier for them to plan the outline of this startup. Moreover, Saurabh, the CEO of HealthSocho carries an experience of 9 years with various industries like Godfrey Phillips, UB and more recently, Myntra, Flipkart’s Fashion portal and has always wanted to work towards solving the real life issues of the common people. In addition, Anshul works as the Chief Business officer of HealthSocho and looks after the finances and other regulatory aspects of the startup. Furthermore, Nikunj shoulders the responsibility of both COO and CTO of the startup and puts his 9 years of experience of working in firms like Quark Media & Olam International into use.

Most of the medical startup these days only work towards a few of the healthcare issues like finding doctors, providing online consultations, pharmacy and keeping medical health records. This where HealthSocho came up with the idea of introducing and making Homeopathic, Ayurvedic and Unani medicines and doctors accessible and available to all consumers. HealthSocho is working towards providing consumers information regarding effective alternative medicines which are often sidelined in mainstream. It provides all the alternative medicines and products under one roof. HealthSocho is currently dealing with 50+ brands and has a product line of 2500 products. It has also tied up with Sri Sri Ayurveda and other important clients like Organic India, GNC, HealthAid, ON, Ayurwin and Neev to bring the effective alternate medicines to the consumers.

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