Home Tech Startups TekFusion: A startup that is changing the way you listen music.

TekFusion: A startup that is changing the way you listen music.

TekFusion: A startup that is changing the way you listen music.
White Edition of the Twinwoofers

Music is something that today’s Smartphone users are crazy about. It is our ultimate escape from reality which gives us solace in solitude. Though, Smartphone users get earphones when they buy phones which serve their need of listening music alone but, when we talk about the sound quality of these earphones, there comes a major disappointment. This is where the startup TekFusion came into existence and changed the way people listen music.

TekFusion was created in the year 2011 by Jayesh M. Mehta. This startup is based in Bangalore and works towards manufacturing superior quality earphones which are engineered in house with complete designs. Jayesh is a product design engineer and has ample knowledge of this field. In addition, being an audiophile, he longed for earphones which had high quality audio accuracy accompanied with ultra wide bandwidth. He wanted to convert his desire into reality and this was when he started working on the prototype of his product named Twinwoofers. This product was one of its kinds because of its ability to acquire a much lower frequency response in comparison to similar other prototypes. TekFusion first launched Twinwoofers in the year 2012 on various ecommerce platforms and within a span of 3 years; it had sold around 40,000 units of Twinwoofers. There was a huge amount of word of mouth marketing done in response to the superior quality of the product. Furthermore, TekFusion launched the White Edition of the Twinwoofers in 2013 accompanied with the launch of high-end Twinwoofers M Headset which had accessories like extra double flange noise-isolating ear tips and hard carry case attached to it. Also, TekFusion came up with nature inspired Ecoofers In-Ear Headphones in 2014 which was made up of wooden chassis, along with aluminum body and 10mm HD Dynamic speakers.

The products of TekFusion have become a craze midst audiophiles and music lovers. Its Twinwoofers in-ear headphones even received the Golden Ear “Recommended” award from Golden-Ear.net In August of 2016 which has given it a competitive edge over its competitors.