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50K Ventures invests in 5 early stage startups

50K Ventures invests in 5 early stage startups

Hyderabad based 50k ventures is a VC firm which works in the field of providing funds to early stage startups in order to help them pave new avenues of success with appropriate mentoring and guidance.

50k Ventures looks forward towards choosing startups with unique, promising and innovative ideas. Ranging from augmented reality to product based platforms to technology, 50k Ventures is ready to fund each and every startup which has the potential as well as zeal to excel in the long run of business. In this context, recently 50K Ventures invested in 5 early stage startups who initiated their journey through artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and chip designing. These startups received seed funding and incubation through 50K Ventures at Hyderabad. The incubation of these startups will be carried out at IIIT Hyderabad where each of them will receive a seed funding of US$15,000 (Rs. 1 Million) in exchange of 2% equity. In addition, they will get 6 months of elaborate mentorship from 50k Ventures.

Here are the early stage startups that are being funded by 50K Ventures:

1. Blue Semiconductors: It is known to develop a patented sensor which gives the world’s most accurate temperature. Besides working at a military range temperature, the fact that it occupies zero space has made it an instant hit. Furthermore, the team of Blue Semiconductors are planning to come up with an electronic sensors that requires no external power and comes at a negligible cost.

2. Niche.ai: This startup is working in the field of developing a visual studio with the help of artificial intelligence. It is designed in a way that its engine automatically identifies and tags images.

3. Docturnal: This is a healthcare startup working towards building non invasive apps for early detection and diagnosis of diseases like Diabetes and Tuberculosis.
4. DreamVu: This startup is working towards making VR headsets more compact and easy to use. They have designed their product in a way that its camera has coffee shaped filter which assists in capturing wide range of light rays.

5. Authbase: It is a cyber security startup that works towards helping other startups in securing their apps.

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