Home Success Stories Blood plus : Bringing blood donor and banks together through technology

Blood plus : Bringing blood donor and banks together through technology

Blood plus : Bringing blood donor and banks together through technology

Blood is the lifeline of any human being and according to a report published by WHO in 2012, it was recorded that India witnesses acute shortage of blood every year. The requirement of blood in India is of around 14 million units every year but, it receives only 8 million units of blood. So the gap is huge and needs to be met immediately in order to protect precious lives of people around. Blood is something that can’t be  created and needs to be donated by humane people like us around.

BloodPlus is a startup which is working towards the noble cause of creating an online platform where the donors can be found by the patient in need instantly and by just a click. The startup has been working in this field by creating an extensive database which assists large blood banks in gathering huge number of donors so that no one ever faces the shortage of the blood group they need.

BloodPlus was founded by Shashikant Chandak, a CBIT student and Kshitij Kumar, an IIT Jodhpur graduate. The team of BloodPlus works on a large scale by directly getting in touch with large number of blood banks and explain them the noble idea behind the BloodPlus. This startup aims to bridge the distance between blood banks and the donors with the help of technology so that in case of emergencies, direct communication can be established between the blood banks and the donors.

BloodPlus works in a convenient way. There is no need of any app for registering with BloodPlus. One just needs to register through the startup’s website. Once the registration is done, a text message will be sent to the donor and he/she needs to reply with a ‘YES’ if he/she is willing to donate the blood. BloodPlus maintains the confidentiality of the users with utmost care. Also, once a donor has donated the blood, he/she won’t receive any donation request for the next three months.

BloodPlus has registered around 1300+ donors with their website. Presently, they are working in Hyderabad and are talking with the government of Telangana for further partnerships. They also intend to expand their work by integrating blood banks and donors throughout India.

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