Home Startups Blue Semiconductor: An accurate temperature sensor with global accreditation

Blue Semiconductor: An accurate temperature sensor with global accreditation

Blue Semiconductor: An accurate temperature sensor with global accreditation
Sunil Kumar Maddikatla

Sunil Kumar Maddikatla, the founder of Blue Semiconductor is a research scholar and firmly believes in the bright future of IoT, Wearable and Biomedical applications. This is the reason he begin working at the issues faced by IoT’s and other similar industries. He did an extensive and extended literature survey in this context and came up with the conclusion that the key part of any IoT consists of the sensor part and the battery through which any IoT interacts with the outer world. Once the research was completed, he got a clear picture of his startup idea which led him to create Blue Semiconductor which would assist him in becoming the key provider of the sensors bridging the gaps between the digital and the outside world.

Blue Semiconductor is one of its kinds of startup that works on the theme of zero power, zero size, and zero cost and 100℅ accuracy. It is considered as the world’s most accurate temperature sensor. It has got its patent rights and has working capabilities at military range temperature with almost zero space occupation. What makes this startup more interesting is the fact that its team is working hard towards making the sensor generate its own power. The team plans to build electronic sensors that need no external power sources and comes at a very negligible cost. Sunil Kumar accompanied with his extraordinary team of 12 creative and innovative members are working hard towards designing such products that would assist in making a smart world with zero wastage of electrical energy. In this context, recently Blue Semiconductor has started its partnership with a billion dollar company which shares the similar vision of making this world smart and is putting their best foot forward across the globe. Furthermore, the team of Blue Semiconductor is searching for effective and efficient strategic partners who can support them financially as well as understand their passion and dreams.

It won’t be wrong to say that startups like Blue Semiconductor make people believe in the magic of technology.

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