Home Health Startups Caremotto – one-stop facilitation and support for surgeries at fixed price

Caremotto – one-stop facilitation and support for surgeries at fixed price

Caremotto - one-stop facilitation and support for surgeries at fixed price

Caremotto is a Hyderabad based healthcare startup which is working in the field of reducing the gap between patients and doctors by assisting them in all the possible ways regarding surgeries.

Good health is a very important aspect of everyone’s life. Healthy life leads to happy life and the availability of ample healthcare plays a vital role in maintenance of good health. The accessibility, affordability of effective healthcare paves avenues for a healthy lifestyle and Caremotto is doing its best in this regard. With the technological advancements in every field, the field of healthcare has also got its share of benefits from technology with startups like CareMotto coming into the big picture.

Good healthcare is sustained through various therapies of prevention, diagnosis and drugs. Apart from these, surgeries also play an important role in improving the healthcare of people when every other therapy or treatment loses its effect. Though, these surgeries are life saving but, it does have its share of issues including high expenses, medical complications and challenges. Most of the time, patients lack the knowledge regarding right hospital, right doctors, the appropriate time and high expenses incurred on surgeries which makes the whole process very exhausting and confusing. This is where CareMotto comes as an angel in disguise for such patients and gives them the much required information and assistance regarding surgeries. Dr Niranjan Ravuri, the founder of CareMotto is a Gastro surgeon and has designed his startup in a way that it has all the facilities of becoming a one stop facilitation and assistance for patients seeking surgeries at a fixed particular price without hampering their budget. CareMotto works as a perfect guide by establishing an effective platform for counselling where the patients are provided with every information regarding surgeries free of cost. In addition, the startup provides patients with with a variety of options in doctors and hospitals which the patients can choose from in accordance with their needs, budget and preferences. Caremotto arranges for everything including surgery, ensuring preferential treatment, closest date for surgery as well as post-surgery precautions.

Caremotto has been working with enormous hospitals in Hyderabad and has around 90 hospitals in its list. Also, it offers more than 500 surgical procedures and is working extensively towards expanding its roots to a much wider scale.