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Indian start-ups paving new avenues of success

Indian start-ups paving new avenues of success 3

There are plenty of Indian start-ups which are slowly but steadily leaving their mark in this ever-growing start-up industry. Start-ups in the field of photography, agriculture, home services are few midst the huge cluster of Indian start-ups that have acquired colossal funding and are carving out their success stories.


  1. Canvera: It is a Bangalore based start-up founded by Dhiraj Panicker and Peeyush Rai in the year 2007. The main work of this start-up is to provide users with specific photographs that they are looking for. It assists users in finding photographs for every occasion. Also, the users can search for photographs based on location and speciality including travel, fashion etc. Recently, Canvera acquired a funding of US$3 million dollars by its existing investor Info Edge of India.
  2. Cropin: It also is a Bangalore based start up which deals in farm management. It was founded by Krishna Kumar in the year 2010 and was previously known as CropEx. It assists its users by providing them with cloud based tech which helps the users in tracking their crops. In addition, it also provides its users with features of business management. Cropin recently grabbed a funding of US$2 million from Sophia Investment ApS based in Denmark. This investment shall be used by Cropin in expansion and development of an app “Smart Farm” which would help in monitoring and assisting operations of the farm in real time.
  3. SBricks: This start-up is based in Hyderabad and was founded by Nithin Reddy in the year 2015. It basically provides home based services to its users. Recently, SBricks acquired HomeCues, which is also a Hyderabad based home service provider aggregator. The amount invested remains undisclosed though. Last year, SBricks had acquired Melway which is a facility management firm in Hyderabad. These mergers are going to help SBricks in offering services to individual customers and cater to the needs and demands of its users at a higher level.

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