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ScanIT: An app that lets you find products online by clicking and uploading its photo.

ScanIT: An app that lets you find products online by clicking and uploading its photo.

The drastic change in technology has made people more inclined towards online shopping. However, at times it becomes difficult to find certain products online that you saw few days ago. Even Google can’t help you all the time as finding products with the exact keyword is very exhausting and tiring. This is the time when this amazing app can be your knight in shining armor. ScanIT allows you to use your Smartphone, click a picture of the product, upload it and click search. Once the picture has been uploaded, the app starts searching the particular product in its database and instantly comes up with a list of related products. In addition, it goes a step further and shows the online stores from which the particular product can be bought. Furthermore, the app also comes with a store locator icon where you can find the nearest offline store for buying that product. The store locator feature also shows the Store Name, Store Address and Phone Number, Store Timings, Company Website, Discounts/Offers going on in the store as well as Pictures of Similar Products in Stock. The app has been designed in a way that it makes searching easier and faster than any search engine.

The Scan It’s store locator feature doesn’t only help the users but, also helps out companies and firms in converting potential customers into their regular customers. The app helps these firms by letting the customers find their desired product at the right place and right time and hence, increase the customer reach of these companies and firms. ScanIT assists the retailers not only in establishing a strong brand recognition midst the customers but, also extensively enhance its customer base. When the users instantly find the product they are craving for, they would instantly buy it without any second thoughts and this is how this app hits the right chord at the right time.

The founder of ScanIT, Vishrut Jhawar is an Undergrad from Boston University School of Management in Finance and has entered the field of entrepreneurship with this innovative and creative app. Right now, the app is in the early revenue stage with around 50,000 active users. It won’t be wrong to say that ScanIT is going to change the way people shop online with its vast image recognition solutions.


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