Home Startups Asti Infotech: Making the world safer through smart tracking solutions.

Asti Infotech: Making the world safer through smart tracking solutions.

Asti Infotech: Making the world safer through smart tracking solutions.
Asti Infotech Team

In today’s uncertain and unsafe environment, the safety of the children and our loved ones has become a major issue where apprehensions and anxiety takes a toll on us if our loved ones get late from school of office and we are unable to track them out. In order to tackle these issues, Asti infotech, a Bangalore based startup came up with the idea of working on tracking solutions which are comprehensive, user friendly as well as intelligent. The startup has been working at solving the day to day issues of common people with the help of hardcore technology. Apart from offering safe commute to office and schools, Asti infotech also gives access to sales manager to keep a real time check on his/her team. In addition, it also provides solutions to parents so that they can be in constant touch with school administration as well as teachers for important updates.

Here is a list of Asti infotech’s customer centric tracking solutions:

  1. Trakom : It is a tracking solution designed exclusively for school buses and students. It uses GPS tracking technology for monitoring the school bus in real time. Parents can also see live streaming of the buses and routes on their mobile app. Furthermore, the student movement within the school is also monitored through TRAKOM with the help of RFID scanners installed at every point of school.
  2. Imprint: It is a salesforce management app which helps the IT industry in tracking and managing the sales force. The mobile app is used by the sales team whereas the web app is operated by the managers. The app tracks the performance of the sales team, manages the timesheet as well as analyses the individual performance of every single employee.
  3. AFM (Asti Fleet Management): It provides safe commute of employees traveling through office cabs and buses. It works towards safety management, vehicle location tracking, speed management, driver management, and route planning from a single dashboard. In addition, it also provides an alarm or panic button if one gets stuck into any emergency.

Asti infotech was founded in 2013 and is working extensively towards providing tracking solutions to its users.

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