Home Startups Bumpadam: A startup providing eco friendly diapers

Bumpadam: A startup providing eco friendly diapers

Bumpadam: A startup providing eco friendly diapers
Bumpadum founder Anuradha Rao.

Disposable diapers are not only indecomposable but, can induce rashes in the sensitive skin of babies because of its heavy layers. This is where the startup Bumpadam comes in the scene. It is a Bangalore based startup started by Anuradha Rao. Bumpadam works in the field of manufacturing cloth diapers with cute prints for children online. These cloth diapers are very convenient to use and are environment friendly too. Bumpadam is the only cloth diaper manufacturing company in India and is being applauded by a lot of customers for its unique idea and production.

The startup begin its operation in July’ 2016 and since then there has been no looking back. The firm has done a selling of around 1200 diapers within this brief period and is developing as well as growing at a whooping rate of 20 percent per month. It has its connection through various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Amazon which helps it in connecting with customers and doing the sales. Apart from this, the firm also runs its own website meant exclusively for selling excellent quality cloth diapers.

The price of the Bumpadam diaper is around US$14.9 each diaper. The price might sound a little high but it’s worth every penny spent on it. If one goes by the statistics, between the period of 0-3 years, a baby changes an approx of 7,000 diapers which obviously being indecomposable can be a burden on earth. So, being a conscious human, using environment friendly diapers is the least we can do towards making Earth less polluted.

The disposable diaper companies like Pamper and Huggies do have its share of market but, has penetrated only about 2 percent of the total market so the cloth diaper industry has an ample market to progress. Furthermore, cloth diapers cost one around US$375 on 25 diapers whereas disposable diapers can cost one about US$1,124 for a baby till the age of 3.

Bumpadam diapers are made up of special padding with micro fleece and hemps. It also includes extra padding which can be adjusted in accordance with the baby’s needs. These diapers last at least till 100 – 150 washes.